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Two Elsies (Vol. 11)
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Young Evelyn, orphaned niece of Elsie Leland, makes a new home with Lester and Elsie after the death of her father and the departure of her mother to Europe. Evelyn joins the clan at Ion and becomes close friends with the feisty Lulu Raymond. Soon the Travillas, Dinsmores, Raymonds, and the Lelands all decide to spend the winter at Viamede. There the many young students attend Oakdale Academy where Lulu finally learns obedience only after experiencing the harsh consequences of a rebellious, ungrateful heart. When scarlet fever strikes two young ones, and when Captain Raymond's boat is feared lost, the families discover Godís faithfulness in times of insurmountable trial. The Two Elsies is the eleventh book in the original, unabridged nineteenth century Martha Finley classic, the Elsie Dinsmore Series. These books are best when read in order.
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 302
  • ISBN: 1889128112
  • SKU: 1889128112
  • Publisher: Vison Forum