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Set Apart
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Holy and dedicated to declaring the excellencies of God—this is the church, or is it? Can we really call the church holy? A minority of those who claim to be born again say they believe in moral absolutes (Source: Barna Research). One third of evangelicals between the ages of 18 and 35 have no problem with unmarried men and women living together (Source: Evangelical Alliance). Evangelical Christianity is becoming increasingly worldly. Materialism, hedonism, violence, sexual misconduct, pluralism, and divorce are becoming as common within the church as without. As a result the church is losing its distinct identity as a people set apart to reach the world. In this book, R. Kent Hughes builds a case for godliness in the church—a case that echoes the biblical call to holiness. The church can reach the world only if it keeps itself from being ensnared by the world. Hughes is not simply urging Christians to say no to worldliness—he is calling the church to say yes to Christ and to his call to reach our lost world.
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5 Stars
This book is excellent! I highly recommend it. An acquaintance recommended it, and I just received it from CVBBS. It's hard to put down once I started reading it. The only problem I have is how Hughes can write this book, given the changes at Wheaton College in the last couple years. Is this his own form of protest against the new Community Covenant at Wheaton and the accompanying worldliness there? As with all things, our standard is not what Barna or Gallup surveys say, it is the inspired inerrant Word of God.- Paul Nelson
5 Stars
There are lots of books on the market that tell us what the Church should look like, which direction she should be going, and the methods that will get her there. Among Christians the debate continues: Should the Church appeal to the lost by being culturally relevant? Should she be attractive to unbelievers? If yes, what is the point at which she is too relevant or attractive? If no, has she gone far enough? Or too far? Scripture makes it clear that the Church is to be set apart from the world. Of course, this means different things to different people. So, someone needs to clarify what “set apart” means. R. Kent Hughes has done that in this book. Though we speak of an invisible church, it is made up of visible people. The ideas, lifestyles and decisions that people face will speak volumes about the influence the church has in society. For example, if someone claims to be a believer, attends the local church, but is a frequent shopper at “Triple-X Movies ‘R’ Us”, the church loses credibility. To an unbeliever, there is no difference between a believer and themselves. In this book, Hughes lays out several areas where believers can be set apart in their communities. He takes a look at various topics such as Materialism, Hedonism, Violence, Voyeurism, Sexual Conduct, Modesty, Pluralism and others. Included are two appendices entitled “The Gospel – Old and New”, which is a presentation of the Gospel from both Old and New Testaments, and “Internet Safety”. This final appendix is a list of resources for guarding your mind and heart, such as movie review websites, Internet filters, and some internet safety tips. Lest you think this is a book cataloguing all the things we can’t do, think again. Hughes clearly presents the idea that when our minds are focused on Christ and the Word is dwelling richly within us, we are constantly saying “yes” to Christ, and we will have no pleasure in the things he warns against. This “unending Yes” is presented in the last chapter of the book. Read ‘em & Reap! - Brad
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