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Dark Side of Islam
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You cannot afford to be misinformed about Islam, a religion whose influence is rapidly growing around the world. Dr. R. C. Sproul and Abdul Saleeb, an Arab Christian, explore Islamís beliefs and show how Muslims reject the Christian faith at several key points. Whether you want to know how Islam differs from Christianity or how Islamic extremists justify their violence, Sproul and Saleeb provide credible answers to your questions.
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4 Stars
In this book, R.C. Sproul and Abdul Saleeb (pseudonym), a Muslim convert to Christianity, discuss the major doctrinal differences between Christianity and Islam. They demonstrate that these two religions have fundamentally different views on a number of doctrines, and they present a defense for the Christian view of each. The seven doctrines discussed in the book's first seven chapters are Scripture, the fatherhood of God, the Trinity, sin, salvation, the death of Christ, and the deity of Christ. The final chapter presents the roots of terrorism in the Qur'an and Muslim tradition. For all of these topics, the two authors deal well with the differences between Christianity and Islam. There is one additional area that would have benefited this book greatly, in my opinion. It lacked any significant historical introduction to Islam. While not essential for understanding the material in the book, it would have still helped the average reader, who is most likely unaware of the "who, when, where, how, and why?" of Islam's founding and continuance to the present day.- Nate Milne
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 112
  • ISBN: 1581344414
  • SKU: 9781581344417
  • Publisher: Crossway