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Victorious Christianity
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We are told that Christianity is simply out-of-date, ridiculous, and foolish. Our answer is the same as that of the apostles to the Sanhedrin. It is the only answer we can give. The Gospel is an invincible message of redemption, one that the apostles believed was more important than their freedom, or even their lives. The fifth and sixth chapters of Acts relate a wonderful manifestation of the power of God through these believers as they witnessed to the resurrection and lived their lives in obedience to the faith. In this third volume of the Studies in the Book of Acts series, Martyn Lloyd- Jones explores the growth of the church in Acts 5:17ó6:9. Peter and the apostlesí speech to the Sanhedrin reveals the true nature of the Christian church and the Christian message. The apostlesí choice to concentrate on preaching and prayer shows the primary purpose of the church. Stephenís bold confrontation with the Jews of the Dispersion testifies to the empowering, directing Spirit. Accept Lloyd-Jonesís challenge to know for yourself the glory of the power of the Lord as He was preached by the early church. Be courageous as you testify to unbelievers about the character and nature of Christ, and be moved to action by your desire to help the souls of unbelievers.
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 320
  • ISBN: 1581345143
  • SKU: 9781581345148
  • Publisher: Crossway