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Twenty Controversies That Almost Killed A Church
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Revisits the controversies that threatened the Corinthian church, enabling us to see both the snares to avoid and the goal of godliness to be pursued. "Practical, biblical advice on how to show love for the fellowship of the saints."
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5 Stars
If Paul were to write an epistle to the typical twenty-first century church, what would he say? Dr. Ganz finds the answer in Paul's first letter to the Corinthian church, as they faced many of the same issues that churches today face. This book's 20 chapters are doctrinally sound expositions of selected passages from 1 Corinthians, demonstrating their relevance to the modern church. They deal with the scandal of the cross, sexual immorality, marriage, and spiritual gifts, for example. This book is almost a commentary on 1 Corinthians, except that it's selective, not exhaustive, in the passages it covers. One prominent feature of the book is that it is written very pastorally. It's written in the tone of a pastor preaching to his congregation, with both insightful anecdotes and practical exhortations dispersed throughout. The book also contains discussion questions for each chapter for use in a group Bible study, which it would be well-suited for.- Nate Milne
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 0875527906
  • SKU: 9780875527901
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing