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Someday Heaven
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Someday Heaven provides biblically based answers on a topic that's not always easy to explain to a young child. The warm, illuminating art of Wayne McLoughlin helps to convey each touching story of the future God promises to his children. Help your child discover the answers to the wonders of God's mysterious and glorious home with Someday Heaven.
customer reviews
2 Stars
I struggled with how to rate this book because there are things I really like about it, but unfortunately other things that, for me, ruin it completely. What I like: I like how it is, for the most part, rooted in Scripture and not in fancy. Scripture is quoted throughout the book. I like how the message is told, in a way that is sensitive and engaging to a child. I like the illustrations and find them appealing. I especially appreciate that there are no illustrations of heaven or God or Jesus. I love how it covers a topic that most children's books do not go into at any depth. I love how it talks about grandparents and how they won't need glasses or canes anymore. It does a good job in the beginning of the book of talking about how we need Jesus’ righteousness to go to heaven and that we can never be good enough on our own. Strangely though, it uses the analogy of a big brother carrying his little brother on his back to get him up a tree that he could never climb on his own, but the illustration on that page is of the brother giving him a boost, which suggests that he almost could make it, but just needed a little help. The analogy as it is written, indicates the truth, that it is Jesus' power all the way. I'm not sure why there's a disconnect between the picture and the writing. What I don't like: most of all, I don't like the last page that talks about how we can know for sure that we're going to heaven and invites children to say a prayer and then tells them that if they said that prayer, then they will go to heaven. I believe that is a dangerous idea to give anyone and for that reason alone I cannot recommend this book. The second biggest problem is one I find strange: nowhere in this book does it talk about worship, which is the primary activity of heaven. That would be like describing a banquet and leaving out the food or writing a book about the beach and never mentioning the sea. Another problem with the book is that it can make heaven look like it is all about us and Jesus is just our friend wanting to play with us. For instance, the sentence "even though Jesus may be the busiest person in all of heaven, he will never be too busy to laugh with you or sail a boat with you or go for a walk with you." In the end, though I wanted so much to like this book and be able to use it at least on some level, I really couldn’t and for that I am very sad. - Heather Thieneman
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 40
  • ISBN: 9780310701057
  • SKU: 9780310701057
  • Publisher: Zondervan