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Seeing With New Eyes
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Essays by a highly regarded biblical counselor. Some of these pieces exegete Scripture with a counseling perspective, while others recast specific “psychological” problems.
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4 Stars
David Powlison, the editor of The Journal of Biblical Counseling, professor at Westminster Theological Seminary and faculty member at the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation, has compiled a number of his articles in this timely and thoroughly biblical book. His insight into the human soul is a rare skill among counselors today. “[This book] will transform your perspective and focus your faith on the sufficient truth of Scripture and on our Scripture’s God.”- Elyse Fitzpatrick (from the back cover). “With fresh insight and skillful creativity, Powlison demonstrates that the Bible, when rightly understood, speaks with the full weight of God’s authority.” – Wayne Mack (from the back cover). The book is divided into two parts. The first is about how Scripture opens blind eyes. He presents 6 essays covering Ephesians (Counsel Ephesians, Who is God, & Godly Roles and Relationships), Psalm 131(Peace, Be Still), Psalm 10 (Why Me? Comfort from Psalm 10) and Luke 12:22-34 (Don’t Worry). In these few chapters alone is enough insight and counseling skill to help with a lot of the issues counselors face. The second part is about reinterpreting life. He starts with giving a list of x-ray questions: questions designed to “help people identify the ungodly masters that occupy positions of authority in their hearts” (p.130). In the chapters that follow, he discusses desire as motivation, God’s “better than unconditional” Love, human defensiveness, feelings and biological psychiatry. There is one chapter, which if it was the only chapter, would make the book worth reading. Chapter 14 is titled “Love Speaks Many Languages Fluently.” It is an extensive review of the Five Love Languages. Powlison does a great job of pointing out the few good aspects of that book and an excellent job at revealing the many weaknesses throughout. If for no other reason than this chapter, I would recommend this book. But fortunately, the entire book is worthy of the time it takes to read it and will reinforce ones commitment to a high view of the Word of God. Read ‘em & Reap! - Brad
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 087552608X
  • SKU: 9780875526089
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing