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Day God Made
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Do Christians today see the Lord's Day, the Christian Sabbath, as an unattractive, dreary time of legalistic restriction? If so, have they misunderstood the nature of 'the day God made'? Glen Knecht believes that many have. They have taken what was meant to be 'a little oasis of greenness, for meditation and rest', to be an arid period of irksome inactivity, and have rejected a good gift of God which should have been welcomed and used with joy. Knecht sees the day as rooted in Creation and the teaching and example of Christ, as well as in the Ten Commandments. He urges a return to the right use of this 'little section of time fenced off by God for the restoration and blessing of His people' as a time in which to meditate, rest, serve others, and grow in understanding of God's ways and love.
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Would a man rob God? The Prophet Malachi asks this all important question in the light of God's Old Covenant people withholding their tithes and offerings from Jehovah. God had provided them with the funds to pay their bills and even to purchase "fun things" that they could lawfully enjoy. All He asked was that they return a portion back to Him in gratefulness for His kind provision. He promised that if they would test Him in this He would open up the windows of heaven and pour out such blessings that they would not be able to contain them all. Many American Christians rob God in the same way today, keeping back from the local church financial resources that could be used for the advancement of God's kingdom in all the earth. But are we also guilty of robbing God in a different way? God has given another precious commodity to all of us: TIME. He permits us to use 6/7ths of it to accomplish our work and to enjoy righteous pleasures. But He commands us to devote 1/7th of our time, an entire day each week, to His worship and to rest out of gratitude to Him for His works of creation and redemption. He made the Sabbath Day for the man, not the man for the Sabbath. He has given it to us because He loves us and wants us to be refreshed in both soul and body. Nevertheless we have forgotten the Sabbath Day which God has commanded us to remember. We have profaned the very thing which He has commanded us to keep holy, and who of us is not guilty? The result? Each Lord's Day God is robbed of the public worship that is due to His Name. God's people are robbed of the presence and resources of their brothers and sisters in the Lord who are making a priority of other things. The world is robbed of the much needed witness of God's people making the kingdom of God and His righteousness the priority of their lives. Instead, the Lord's Day has become a day to spend on our own pleasures like any other, just like the world around us. Pastors labor to feed their flocks with the preaching of the gospel, only to find that many of God's people don't seem to be very hungry for spiritual things. Can we really expect God's blessings to be poured out upon our spiritually anemic local churches while we continue to refuse to walk in His ways? Pastor Glen Knecht has done the church a tremendous service with this precious book. As another reviewer has said, this book is not a technical theological treatise, nor is it written to answer every modern objection raised against the perpetuity of the New Covenant Sabbath. That being said, outside of the Bible itself, this is the greatest book I have ever read on the subject. Why? Because this book will make you salivate to adore the Lord of the Sabbath on His special day! It is a mighty help in teaching us to observe the Day not merely out of duty but also as a delight. Our attitude must be more than "I HAVE to keep the Sabbath holy", it needs to become "I GET to keep the Sabbath holy!" This book goes a long way in helping us to do just that. Knecht's chapter on "People" remains my favorite one in the whole book. He shows us that our duty to keep the Lord's Day Sabbath does not end with ourselves. We must be careful to never put a stumbling block in front of others that would hinder them from worshiping God in the local church and resting on Sundays (whether or not they take advantage of that is not our responsibility!) I highly recommend this sweet little work to every thinking, worshiping Christian. How our homes, churches, and nation would be strengthened if we would return to the Lord each week a portion of the time He has given to us. Would He not pour out such blessings upon us that we could not contain them?- Pastor Jerry Slate
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