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Conflict and Triumph
The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded
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Written by a master of Old Testament interpretation with a pastor's heart, this work sheds a great deal of light on the meaning of the Book of Job. The author explains the structure of the book, the role played by each of the participants, the significance of their speeches and the bearing of each part on the overall theme. But his deeper pastoral concern is to help the 'afflicted child of God' to draw 'the waters of consolation from this inspired and copious source'.

WILLIAM HENRY GREEN (1825-1900) held the chair of Biblical and Oriental Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1851 till his death. As one of America's foremost linguists and an outstanding Old Testament scholar, he opposed the conclusions of the higher-critical movement and 'did more than any one man to rally and steady ... the Church under the shock of a sudden and mighty assault on the trustworthiness of the Scriptures.' (John D. Davis, quoted in David B. Calhoun, Princeton Seminary; The Magestic Testimony, 1868- 1929, p.185).
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