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Pastor's Daughter
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A unique glimpse into the home and heart of the remarkable Payson family of Portland, Maine, as Edward Payson lovingly leads his oldest daughter, Louisa, to genuine faith in Christ. It traces the struggles of a brilliant girl from the age of 4 to 14 as she seeks to come to Christ on her own terms, and not the Lord's. Those who have loved "A Pastor's Sketches" by Ichabod Spencer will find themselves in familiar territory as Payson faithfully presses his daughter to repent and believe the Gospel. The chapters are brief and filled with illuminating illustrations that parents and pastors alike will find useful in presenting the claims of Christ and the demands of the Gospel upon sinners.
customer reviews
5 Stars
I've only gotten 50 pages into this book and can already say that it is a MUST read for parents of children K-12. After reading a chapter on my own, I have been reading the chapters back to my children, and they have been fully attentive as the illustrations are very relatable. The questions that the young Payson girl asked her father 100s of years ago are the same questions my children are asking today.- Terry F
5 Stars
I have read this book and am now reading it again along with my daughter. We are discussing the questions that the little girl raises to her father and her father's response to them. Dr. Payson's insight and illustrations are captivating. The book opens a parents eyes to what is going on in the heart of the unsaved child and gives wisdom as to how to give guidance. Though the story is between a father and daugher I would recommend it to anyone with any unsaved loved one irrespective of age or gender.Anonymous
5 Stars
An astonishing book. I've reread the book several times already. It is a goldmine of solid truth. I've already printed out several quotes for the parents at our fellowship to use with their children. Payson's "old path" is a must for parents to re-learn. A classic!!- Troy