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Practical Prayer
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How is your prayer Life? Or is that a touchy question? If we are honest with ourselves we feel more than a bit awkward when questioned about our conversation times with God. The best starting point is to be honest with God rather than shying away from the topic or putting on a show for our Christian friends. Derek Prime gives us a heartfelt and practical approach to prayer. Here are fresh, vibrant ideas to strengthen and enliven what can so often be a disappointing part of our spiritual life. Derek uses his writing skills to simply explain the many aspects of prayer to deepen your prayer life with The Lord. After a good introduction the 8 Chapters are helpfully divided as follows: - Defining Prayer Prayer & the Christian Life Prayer's Potential Prayer & The Holy Spirit Method in Prayer Praying For Others Praying With Others Problems & Questions about Prayer
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Derek Prime's book, Practical Prayer, provides a very accessible biblical introduction to Christian prayer. If honest, most Christians would say that they struggle with their prayer-life. Yet, Prime rightly says, "Prayer is not simply a most important activity - it is the most important. There is no other similar activity upon which every other activity in the Christian life depends. As my pulse is one of the primary indications of my physical life, so my praying is one of the principle proofs of my spiritual life." With this in mind, Prime seeks to help summarize the Bible's basic teaching on prayer. Prime has a great first chapter where he defines prayer broadly by describing it as part of one's relationship to God. He discusses prayer as: an activity of the soul/spirit; a response to God's initiative; an expression of God's intimate friendship; pouring out our hearts to God; being with God; communing with God; being all about access to God; sometimes being expressed in silence before God (i.e. silence of confusion, silence of confession, silence of worship and praise), and as waiting upon God. Prime goes on to help define prayer using biblical descriptions of prayer: approaching the throne of grace (Heb 4:16); looking to God (Ezra 8:22; Ps 34:5); calling upon God's name (1 Kings 18:24); seeking God (Ps 34:10); seeking God's face (Ps 27:8); and - according to Prime - most significantly, asking (Matt 7:7, 8). Despite the diversity of topics, Prime moves through each swiftly (most are dealt with on one page or less). The second chapter deals with prayer as a mark of the Christian life. Here, Prime ably moves from practicalities like avoiding temptation to more substantive topics like prayer's relation to providence. Prayer's potential is the focus of chapter three. Here, Prime looks at the biblical teaching about what God desires to do through our prayers. The call is clearly to make prayer a vital part of our life, so as to enjoy the good gifts God desires to give his children. In chapter four, Prime looks at the Holy Spirit's role in our prayers. He talks about being adopted at God's children as well as Christ sending the Spirit as his people's helper. Prime speaks in terms of having an evident spirituality by encouraging Christians to follow the Spirit's promptings in our prayers, gaining wisdom from him. The chapter concludes with a discussion about the Spirit's intercession for believers. Prime tackles the sometimes controversial topic of method in prayer in chapter five. Here, he does an excellent job of placing the emphasis correctly on the attitude of the heart. So, any method is simply a means to an end - more consistent, biblical, effective prayer. Chapters six and seven deal with intercessory prayer - specifically, prayer for others and pray with others. Prime uses the lives of Abraham, Jesus, and Paul to draw implications for how we should intercede for others to God. Based on some key Bible passages, he also gives a practical list of people we should be praying for on a regular basis. Prime then discusses the biblical precedent and practical significance of gathering together with other Christians to pray. The final chapter is a very helpful collection of commonly asked questions and Prime's biblical answers. In some ways, reading the last chapter first may be helpful, especially if one needs to get motivated to read the rest of the book. Primes answers are both thoughtful and succinct, whetting the mental appetite for more instruction on prayer. There is much confusion today about the Bible's teaching on prayer. Prime helps pull us out of the confusion of the age and set our feet on the solid ground of the Bible's teaching about prayer. In the end, Prime succeeds in providing an excellent introduction to biblical prayer. Combining clear, concise teaching on key passages from Scripture and current, historical, and personal illustrations, the book reads as if Prime is speaking to you face-to- face. Practical Prayer would be a great resource on the biblical basics of prayer for laypeople as well as the young or seasoned pastor. - John Botkin
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  • Pages: 160
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  • Publisher: Christian Focus