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Teach Your Children To Pray
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In a nut-shell this book is a non judgmental, practical, hands-on, I've been there approach to Christian parenting with a wonderful, inspiring, get me started focus on prayer. Yet it doesn't compromise on the truth and the challenge of God's word. Once you start reading it you will realise the value of prayer, you will be itching to start it with your child, you will learn and your family will learn the importance of communicating with God. Denise George, is a mother, Christian and human being. Her book is written on the back of a life time of experience, mistakes, triumphs, problems, ideas, inspiration, questions, scripture reading and prayer. Read this book to be challenged by the call to teach your child to pray. You'll be encouraged by the honest "I've been there," approach of the author. You're going to be inspired by the wonderful activities and ideas sections. And those really difficult questions that you've wanted to ask someone but haven't dared have a look at the question section. There's probably someone who has asked that question before you. Every family should read this. Every family should use this. Because every family should teach their children to pray!
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 304
  • ISBN: 1857929411
  • SKU: 9781857929416
  • Publisher: Christian Focus