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Book On Leadership
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Our country is facing a leadership crisis, with fewer leaders available than are needed. Even more distressing, the church is facing the same crisis. Failures in church leadership seem to be at an epidemic level, reminding us of the adage, “As the leaders go, so go the people.” With so much at stake, how can we raise up effective leaders who have genuine and lasting impact on their charge? Author John MacArthur writes on more than 60 traits every leader needs. These elements of character form the framework from which MacArthur details the qualifications and responsibilities of effective leaders, no matter if they are full-time staff members or Christians seeking to serve God at church, home, work, and with friends.
customer reviews
5 Stars
Superb! One of the few books on Leadership that has it's roots in the text. The principles and precepts offered are clearly the result of exegetical study that is faithful to the text of Scripture. Practical, well organized and despartely needed. The ministry of IgniteUS, Inc. is dedicated to raising the Leadership impact of pastors. Our culture is immersed in biblical illiteracy. This title will equip those serious about discovering and living out in an 'Applied Theology' the principles of leadership in a narcissitic culture and a church that has lost her fidelity to absolute Truth. Of special joy to this reviewer - - it was recommended to me by my son! Tom Fillinger, Pres. IgniteUS, Inc. 1540 Elmtree Columbia SC 29209 803 776 5282 - Tom Fillinger
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 0785262512
  • SKU: 9780785262510
  • Publisher: Nelson