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Accidental Voyage
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Get ready for a great story about two American teens traveling in Europe with David McCallum, an English organist known in his parish as Mr. Pipes. During a series of hair-raising adventures across Europe, Mr. Pipes introduces Annie and Drew to sixteen hymns from the early centuries, and to hymnists Ambrose of Milan, Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Francis of Asissi, St. Patrick, and more. Readers of The Accidental Voyage will come away with a new knowledge and appreciation of the hymns from the early centuries.
customer reviews
1 Stars
This book follows a brother and sister as they are led on a journey by an older man who explains Christian history- especially hymns- to them. I only made it to chapter 2 before I was offended enough to throw the book away. In the beginning of chapter 2 the brother makes a joke at Scriptureís expense. The older man mildly scolds him, but nothing more is said and the boy doesnít express repentance. Scripture is much too holy to use it out of context in order to bring a laugh. Even with the mild rebuke, the joke was still included in the book. I donít suppose we would excuse the inclusion of a lewd joke even if it was rebuked and a sacrilegious joke is even worse. If the author had wanted to show that such jokes were wrong, he would have been better to have told the type of joke the boy told without telling the joke itself and then had the older man treat it more seriously and had the boy recognize the extent of his sin. Beyond that, I wasnít crazy about the book anyway. The same writing effects were used over and over again and the characters werenít believable, their reactions, particularly the sisterís, seemed staged. I was sad not to like the book, because I love hymns. I also realize that many Christians would not have found the joke offensive. I donít want to make it seem worse than it was, but in my mind it was bad enough to warrant throwing the whole book away and too bad for me to repeat. May Christians learn to treat Godís Word, Godís Name and Godís Day as holy and not assume that He is like us and can enjoy a "good" laugh at His expense.- Heather Thieneman