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Amazing Stories From Times Past
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The lives of both Christians and unbelievers of the past teach us through their examples. In this second volume especially prepared for family and children's devotions, Christine Farenhorst once again captivates readers with her remarkable and unusual stories from history. Each devotion includes insightful questions and will encourage readers to talk about what God has done in their own lives and in the lives of Christians from years gone by.
customer reviews
3 Stars
I have not yet finished this book. For the most part it is good but I was very disappointed in chapter 22 entitled "Marriage Bond" found on pages 97-102. A woman's husband is wrongly imprisoned and she lies to the guards, gives them money to drink alcohol and breaks the law by breaking her husband out of prison. One of the questions at the end of the chapter is, "How is Winifred a godly example to both woman and men today in their marriage relationships?" She was certainly loyal to her husband but to the extent that she sinned at least several times in the course of the short story without any mention of any wrongdoing. We are not to do evil that good may come of it.- Chris Forbes
5 Stars
"Lying is only sin when it's motive is to harm" That was expressed poorly, sorry. how about It is not necessarily sin to lie when it's intention is to fulfill righteousness that trancends all other ramifications of that particular lie.- Alfred
5 Stars
Lying is only sin when it's motive is do do harm to someone. Giving them money to do something they were inclined to do anyway was just a diversion to help somebody in need. Spirit of the law versus the letter. Should Richard Wurmbrand not lied to protect his sheep from persecution?- Alfred
5 Stars
There are biblical examples too as in the women who hid the spies and let down the scarlet cord in the OT. Also review the book of Esther for this sort of intrigue.- Alfred
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  • Pages: 160
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  • Publisher: P & R Publishing