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Valley Of Vision
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A selection of prayers and meditations in the Puritan tradition, widely valued since publication in 1975.
customer reviews
5 Stars
This is an excellent Puritan aid to our prayers. These written prayers are like hand- me-downs from an older, wiser brother. They are a little big for us, but by grace, we may grow into them.- John Herberich
5 Stars
This book changed my prayer is the most expressive, thought provoking, deep introspective, worshipful prayer language I have ever read..It surely must have come straight from God's own heart..scale of 1-5..I give it a 10+ I have given away so many copies as gifts always to hear thank you's..Anonymous
5 Stars
"The Valley of Vision", is one of the most spiritual volumes ever published. The compliation of Puritan prayers express one's deepest religious feelings in a profound and Biblical manner that is deeply moving. The leather edition is precious. The newer leather copies have a slightly larger font and are a bit taller than the older editions. The prayers are serious, devout and deeply felt. When one reads these prayers and then hears the often breezy familiarity that people use when praying, it makes one realize how far we have strayed from true reverence to God. It is not hard to see why this book is the Banner of Truth Trust's best selling book of all of its titles.- Daniel K. Tennant
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 0851512283
  • SKU: 9780851512280
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth