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Every Thought Captive
A Study Manual for the Defense of the Truth
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A popular presentation of Reformed (or "Van Tillian") apologetics for the layperson. Suitable for students, especically undergraduates.
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4 Stars
This book was written as a teaching tool for High School students, however, it was, and is, very beneficial for the training of any age group in the study of Van Tilís style of apologetics. The first nine lessons are geared toward teaching the basic doctrines which are the foundation of a presuppositional apologetic. Then in the later four lessons, Pratt gives a basis of a methodology to give readers a starting place for their own apologetics. His goal is to get the reader to think for himself and follow up with further study. Every Thought Captive is a Great learning tool and will help the beginner understand the principals of Biblical apologetics.- Branden Stone
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 153
  • ISBN: 0875523528
  • SKU: 9780875523521
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing