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Preaching For Revitalization
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In recent years a new buzzword has appeared on the church scene - Revitalization. Unlike marketing buzzwords this concept carries with it real substance and stands to make a lasting impact on the church. This idea, used specifically about the local congregation, carries with it the hope of renewed vigor; redirected purpose; restoration of healthy growth and the refreshments of the Holy Spirit over the entire life of the church. It is Mike Ross's premise that churches in need of revitalization need revitalized pulpits. The challenge is for Pastors to lead the revitalization of declining congregations through the primacy of the pulpit. Why? - because Church revitalization can never be maintained unless it is the product of a Biblical pulpit. Mike perceptively examines historic and contemporary preaching and assesses which changes are necessary for church revitalization. He then proposes practical steps that can be taken to 'rebirth' the local church through revitalized preaching.
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5 Stars
A must have for teaching and ruling elders, pulpit committee members, lay persons interested or concerned about the pulpit ministry. It should be a required reading for all seminary students seeking a pulpit ministry call. Highly recommended, well done book. Please get yourself a copy!!! - Bryan Vogt
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 1845501233
  • SKU: 9781845501235
  • Publisher: Christian Focus