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For The Love of God
Volume 1
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In a world that views absolute truth, right and wrong, and salvation as being subject to individual interpretation, the Bible’s unwavering proclamations and miraculous stories seem obsolete in modern times. But it is not God’s Word that has changed. Indeed, its relevancy and its power to transform lives are intact. What has changed is the number of people who consult it. Now more than ever the need to read the Bible, to understand the big picture of its storyline, and to grasp the relevance this has for your life is critical. As with its companion volume, For the Love of God—Volume 2, this devotional contains a systematic 365-day plan, based on the M’Cheyne Bible-reading schedule, that will in the course of a year guide you through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the rest of the Old Testament once. In an effort to help preserve biblical thinking and living, D. A. Carson has also written thought-provoking comments and reflections regarding each day’s scriptural passages. And, most uniquely, he offers you perspective that places each reading into the larger framework of history and God’s eternal plan to deepen your understanding of his sovereignty—and the unity and power of his Word.
customer reviews
5 Stars
What a blessing the contents of this volume were to me some years ago! Rich in its teaching of etheology as well as practice, I would commend it to any of my fellow believers who desires to grow by taking more than just a cursory glance @ God's word for the day.- Deanne Hunt
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 400
  • ISBN: 1581348150
  • SKU: 9781581348156
  • Publisher: Crossway