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Public and Private Morality
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Almost every time we open our newspapers we are confronted by the downfall of someone in a prominent leadership position - whether through corruption, personal scandal or negligence. In an age of political sleaze, corporate greed and media spin there is a dearth of inspirational and righteous leaders. No wonder, if one were to appear, he would be mocked for his lack of pragmatism. Where are we to look to find role models in leadership?A surprisingly relevant case study becomes evident if we go back 3,000 years to a total beginner, jolted in his teens on a pathway to leadership. He has to learn everything through hard knocks - there was no help from his family. King Davidís path to power was complicated by the fact that the examples of leaders and kings around him were precisely what he should not be following Ė isnít that where we are at now? This insightful and absorbing exploration of Davidís life is our leadership apprenticeship course. From it we learn valuable lessons from a King who had an immeasurable impact on Israelís history.Houston skilfully and adeptly bridges the cultural gap between the Old Testament and today, revealing the equivalent issues that arise for you, now. Itís a Ďmustí read if you involved in a leadership position in the workplace, church or home.
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 1857929675
  • SKU: 9781857929676
  • Publisher: Christian Focus