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Lectures on the Book of Esther
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"M'Crie was an outstanding Scottish theologican and historical writer. Such a commentary from a writer of that calibre can only be a blessing to all who get it." - Maurice Roberts "Best known for his biography on John Knox and ever the consummate church historian, Thomas M'Crie (1772-1835), shows in his lectures on Esther that he is an astute biblical historian as well. These eighteen messages are packed with solid exegetical and practical material. Highly recommended for both the minister and the educated layman, this reliable guide to Esther remains unsurpassed until today."- Joel R. Beeke CH Spurgeon, in his 'Commenting and Commentaries" ranks M'Crie on Esther with his very highest approval and then quotes as follows: "Dr. Davidson says of Dr. McCrie: 'There is an ancient fable.of a king who was gifted with the power of turning everything he touched into gold; and this eminent divine and historian possessed remarkably the gift of rendering every subject he handled so precious, as at least to discourage any one from attempting to follow in his track. In his Lectures upon the book of Esther, he has certainly left little for any to say who may come after him." THOMAS M'CRIE (1772-1835) is best known for his classic LIFE OF JOHN KNOX as well as his two-volume LIFE OF MELVILLE. He was also highly acclaimed for his works on SCOTTISH HISTORY and THE REFORMATION IN SPAIN & ITALY. But above all he was a gifted preacher of the Gospel whose LECTURES UPON THE BOOK OF ESTHER was published in 1838, three years after his death. It is considered by many to be the best commentary ever written upon this book of Holy Scripture.