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Of Domestical Duties
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"We are grateful for this new reprint of Gouge's classic on family living titled, Of Domesticall Duties (1622), last printed by Walter Johnson in facsimile in 1976. This penetrating analysis of the godly household for which Gouge became best known in his own day, is divided into eight sections dealing with the duties of family life. In the first part, Gouge explains the foundation of family duties, based on Ephesians 5:21- 6:9. The second part deals with the husband-wife relationship. The third focuses on the duties of wives, and the fourth with the duties of husbands. The fifth examines the duties of children, and the sixth, the duties of parents. The final parts examine the relationships and duties of servants and their masters. While some of Gouge's material is outdated, his emphasis and advice are timeless on the whole. Usher claims that Gouge is finally being 'recognized as one of the subtlest of early modern writers to articulate the concept of companionable marriage' (his own was regarded as exemplary) and of considerate, rather than merely prescriptive, parenthood. His psychological insights into the nature of childhood and adolescence can be breathtaking in their modernity. He even touches on the question of child- abuse, a subject effectively taboo until the 1970s (Oxford DNB, 23:38). Gouge is a skilled expositor who draws practical applications from the Epistles in instructing families how to walk in a manner worthy of their Lord. As a father of seven sons and six daughters, Gouge knew whereof he spoke. - Joel Beeke, taken from the Introduction TABLE OF CONTENTS Biographical Introduction by Dr. Joel Beeke The First Treatise: An Exposition of That Part of Scripture out of which Domestical Duties Are Raised The Second Treatise Part 1 - Of Husband and Wife, who are so to be Accounted The Second Treatise Part II - Of common- mutual duties betwixt Man and Wife The Third Treatise: Of Wives' Particularities The Fourth Treatise: Husbands Particular Duties The Fifth Treatise: Duties of Children The Sixth Treatise: The Duties of Parents The Seventh Treatise: Duties of Servants The Eighth Treatise: Duties of Masters
  • Type: Hardback
  • Pages: 524
  • ISBN: 9780979216534
  • SKU: 9780979216534
  • Publisher: Puritan Reprints