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Expository Genius of John Calvin
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In The Expository Genius of John Calvin, Dr. Steven J. Lawson delves into the practices, commitments, and techniques that made John Calvin, the great Reformer of the sixteenth century, such an effective preacher during his long pastorate at Saint Pierre Cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Lawson identifies thirty-two distinctives of Calvinís preaching, providing comments from Calvinís writings, quotations from Reformation scholars, and examples from Calvinís own sermons to reinforce his points. In the end, Dr. Lawson finds in Calvin a strong model for expository preaching and calls on modern pastors to follow the Reformerís example.
customer reviews
5 Stars
Lawson gives us an easy to comprehend book worth reading multiple times. The expository Genius of John Calvin should be read by every person seeking to enter the ministry and those who have been laboring for years. What a joy to contemplate his yearning to see the Word of God proclaimed that characterized the life of this servant of God. - Justin Walker
  • Type: Hardcover
  • Pages: 142
  • ISBN: 1567690858
  • SKU: 9781567690859
  • Publisher: Reformation Trust