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Works of Jonathan Edwards - 2 vol. set
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Dr. D. M. Lloyd- Jones said 'In my early days in the ministry there were no books which helped me more, both personally and in respect of my preaching, than this two- volume edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards...I devoured these volumes and literally just read and read them. It is certainly true that they helped me more than anything else. If I had the power I would make these two volumes compulsory reading for all ministers! Edwards seems to satisfy all round; he really was an amazing man."
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5 Stars
Oh, you've come to a gold mine! These two volumes are filled with some of the very deepest and loving thoughts in the history of God's church. Edwards was buried in the scriptures and souring in the heavenlies, and in reading these you will by God's great grace find yourself likewise laid low and lifted up in praise, joy, and greater insight. Edwards was a marvel, a great gift to the church. Don't neglect this gift if it is within your God-centered means. If you don't mind small print, these volumes replace 80% of the larger print books out there on Edwards, which books are really just small takings from these volumes. - Matt Wienken
  • Type: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780851513973
  • SKU: 9780851513973
  • Publisher: Banner of Truth