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Divorce: Before You Say I Don't
Resources for Biblical Living
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This hard-hitting booklet is designed to persuade individuals who are intent on pursuing divorce (on other than biblical grounds) to reconsider their plans. The first portion focuses on the likely consequences of such an action. The second refutes nine of the most common justifications for divorce. There is also an entire section (appendix) that addresses the issue of being "in love" with someone other than one's spouse.
customer reviews
1 Stars
Before you pass this book along to a friend, please be sure that your friend is not a victim of domestic abuse. This book will lay tremendous guilt on someone who may be trying to protect their children from a mentally disturbed and dangerous person. See an accurate review of this book at Jeff Crippen's A Cry for Justice website,and type Lou Priolo in the search. This book needs a disclaimer, in which the author acknowledges that abuse is an evil in even 'Christian' marriages, and that the book's contents are not applicable in those cases. This book could easily become a tool in the hands of a wicked abusive person to further harm his victims. - The Persistent Widow
  • Type: Booklet
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 9781596380783
  • SKU: 9781596380783
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing