2000 Years of Christ's Power

Nick Needham

Grace Publications

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2000 Years of Christ's Power is a series of volumes covering the history of the church, written by Dr Nick Needham, who teaches Church History at the Highland Theological College. This series was born out of the author's deep conviction that today's Christians can benefit enormously from learning what God has done in the past. The mighty acts of Christ did not come to a halt after the events recorded in the book of Acts. In every century the Almighty has been at work. Believers can trace his footsteps by studying the way that Christians of a previous generation faced the challenges that confronted them. Four volumes have been produced so far. Volume 1 covers the Early Church; volume 2 the Middle Ages; and volume 3 Renaissance and Reformation. Volume 4 brings the story into the eighteenth century, covering the age of religious conflict that followed the Reformation.