21st Century Corinthians

Joseph M. Bianchi

Calvary Press

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In 21st Century Corinthians, Bianchi sets out his theme: The majority of church conflicts arise as a result of wounded egos, not theological differences. The reason? The 21st- century Evangelical church has a serious dose of amnesia; it has forgotten the very foundation that the New Testament was built upon.' 'These two quotes will tell you that this is not a book for the spiritually squeamish! They need what the book has to say, but will not read more than a few pages. Even those who are convinced that the church needs a serious shake up will not agree with all that is put forward. But the arguments need to be considered and given our serious attention, and challenge us to do something about them.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 95
  • ISBN: 9781879737488
  • Publisher: Calvary Press
  • Publication date: Aug 22, 2007