A Christian and an Unbeliever Discuss: Life, the Universe and Everything: (Life Styles)

Rob Slane

Day One Publications

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A man with a Bible boards a train and finds himself sitting opposite a man with a copy of The God Delusion. What happens next? An uncomfortable silence with them avoiding all eye contact? A superficial conversation about the weather and sport? Or an in-depth and sometimes heated discussion covering some of the greatest questions man can ever ask? Thankfully, what takes place in this book fits into the third category. And so, as their train meanders through the English countryside, the two passengers find their conversation winding through some of the major objections to Christianity being touted by militant unbelievers in the twenty-first century. How can there be a God when there is so much evil in the world? What is truth? Isn t Christianity just an irrational crutch? Join them on their journey as they openly and frankly discuss some of the more significant aspects of Life, the Universe and Everything.