A Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament: Revised edition

Hendrickson Publishers

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The most important new features of the revised dictionary:

• Each definition of each word has been carefully reviewed and, where deemed necessary, revised.
• A system of cross-referencing between related Greek words has been introduced.
• As a didactic, mnemonic, and phonetic device, compound words are divided by small upright lines.
• The maps of the UBS Greek New Testament are included.
• A sampling of some Greek NT words that share similar meanings is included as an appendix to the dictionary.


“The first edition (1971) of this concise Greek-English dictionary of the NT was described in NTA 16, p. 234. In the main part the new edition of the Greek-English lexicon features reviewed and revised definitions of each word, a more systematic approach to cross-referencing, indications of words used only once in the Greek NT, the use of small upright lines to signal compound words, and the inclusion of Greek words not found in the NT in conjunction with the definition of an entry. Also included are maps and a fourteen-page appendix that provides a sampling of some Greek NT words that share similar meanings.”
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  • 2010
  • 9781598566499