A Discovery of Glorious Love

John Durant

Reformation Heritage Books

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Love is glorious—we might even say transcendent. Yet no love is as glorious as the Lord Jesus’s love for His people. From Ephesians 3:19, John Durant explains the greatness of Christ’s love as beyond what words can express or our wildest imagination. While this love is so great that we cannot fully comprehend it, it is indeed true and among the sweetest comforts that can ease our troubled hearts. Durant reveals the many ways that Christ’s heart is full of tender love for all believers. But has this love captured your heart?

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Table of Contents:

1. The Truth of Christ’s Love to Believers
2. The Transcendence of Christ’s Love to Believers
3. The Demonstration of the Love of Christ to Be Transcendent
4. Further Demonstration of the Love of Christ for Believers
5. Believers Study to Know Their Savior’s Love
6. The Love of Christ Is the Strongest Cordial in Tribulation

  • Pages: 152
  • Type: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781601788931
  • Published: Feb 15, 2022