Addresses To Young Men

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Dwight L. Moody wrote the Preface to this outstanding volume of addresses to Young Men which were preached by Rev. Daniel Baker (1791-1857) during his wonderful ministry in the American South. The Life of Baker was published by Banner of Truth and titled, MAKING MANY GLAD. His life and ministry were also highlighted by Douglas Kelly in his book PREACHERS WITH POWER. In the words of Moody: "In reading two volumes of sermons by Rev. Daniel Baker of America, preached thirty years ago, I have thought no addresses could be more suitable for the present times than these. They have been a great help to me; and many who are now preaching the gospel in America bear similar testimony. Knowing particularly that he was the 'young man's preacher,' I believe his printed sermons will give a fresh impulse for work to many, and be the means of pointing the way to multitudes who are inquiring. May God, who alone can draw men unto Him, so use these words, that the writer of them, being dead, may yet speak with power to men's souls."