After They Are Yours: The Grace and Grit of Adoption

Brian BorgmanDan Cruver

Cruciform Press

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Adoption offers a powerful testimony of grace in a world of unwanted pregnancies and on-demand abortion. But no one said adoption is easy. As an adoptive parent and pastor who has counseled many adoptive parents, Brian Borgman knows there is another side to adoption that we are often reluctant to talk about. Parenting is always a challenge, but parenting an adopted child can have some special challenges. Adoptive parents can experience much heartache and even guilt with their adopted children. Many suffer in silence. Borgman writes with a burden to minister to those who are struggling. After They Are Yours: The Grace and Grit of Adoption talks transparently and redemptive about the often unspoken problems adoptive parents face. Combining personal experience, biblical wisdom, and a heart for people, Borgman recalls the humbling and difficult lessons God has taught him and his wife. This is not a success story, rather it's a story of struggles and failures set in the broader context of a God who is gracious and continually teaches us the meaning of adoption. What do you do when it's hard to hope? Here is a story of adoption that's real, raw, redemptive, and edifying.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 115
  • ISBN: 9781936760923
  • Publication Date: 2014