Anecdotes: Religious, Moral and Entertaining

Charles Buck

Solid Ground Christian Books

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"I hesitate not to say, that I know of no work, which more happily unites instruction with entertainiment. It requires no effort of the mind to be understood, and can weary no one by a long demand of attention to a particular subject. It cannot be read without interest, and it is, in every part, calculated to leave an impression on the mind favorable to virtue, piety or benevolence." - Ashbel Green, August 1831 "This work is well calculated for young persons, and may prove in many cases, a very acceptable present to them, as it conveys much instruction, mingled with entertainment. It will also serve for a pleasing companion to the traveller. In short, it affords a copious fund of rational amusement for a leisure hour. We have no doubt but it will obtain, as it certainly merits, an extensive circulation." - the Evangelical Review By Charles H. Spurgeon's day he could tell his students that this volume was so well known and so often read by so many people that it was no longer wise to use it for illustrative purposes. THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE. It has been out of print more than a century.

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 190
  • ISBN: 9781932474848
  • Publication Date: 2005