Answers Book 4 Teens Vol 1

Bodie HodgeKen HamTommie Mitchell

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Friends, teachers, and the world in general will tell you that Christianity and faith is a lie. Atheism and Eastern religions are more fashionable. The culture tells you to look and act certain ways or people will think you re a loser or weird. If you say you believe in God, you can expect people to be in your face, doing their best to tear down God, the Bible, and your belief in Christ.

By now, you may even have a few doubts - everything seems crazy and pointless, how can you believe God really does care about what is going on with you? Or if God is in charge of this chaos called life?

  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 95
  • ISBN: 9780890516225
  • Publication Date: 2011