Armies of the Lamb: The Spirituality of Andrew Fuller

Joshua Press

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Andrew Fuller was a man whose active life was devoted to the work of God. His paramount desire was to be true to the Scriptures. Fuller had a deep concern for sinners and was untiring in his evangelistic endeavours and support of missions. In The armies of the Lamb Fuller's rich spiritual life is seen first-hand through a selection of his letters, some never before published. Editor Michael Haykin presents Fuller to a twenty-first century audience with a freshness that encourages personal spiritual renewal - something Fuller so longed for in his time. Spirituality means knowing the Word of God, understanding the work of the Spirit of God, and focusing on the necessity, infinite glory, and sufficiency of the cross of Christ. [Fuller] disarms and alarms us with his candour, and existential accuracy, in describing his sense of having destroyed his usefulness; but we find it strangely refreshing and encouraging because we have been there ourselves. This kind of edifying honesty that urges us on in the work of believing in Christ is the best kind of spirituality. - from the Foreword by Tom J. Nettles, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kentucky. Edited and introduced by Michael A.G. Haykin