Articles Of The Synod Of Dort

Thomas Scott

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Translation of the history and canons. Exhaustive examination of the Synod of Dort Articles; includes an introductory essay by Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D


Table of Contents:

Introductory Essay

1. Preface to the Reformed Church; in which the rise and progress of those controversies in Belgium, for the removal of which this Synod was especially held, are briefly and faithfully related

                Introduction to this Preface and the History contained in it, by the Author

                The History (a translation from Latin with notes)

2. The Judgment of the National Synod of the reformed Belgic churches held at Dort 1618-1619; at which very many Theologians of the churches of Great Britain, Germany, and France were present; concerning the five heads of doctrine, controverted in the Belgic churches (Published May 5, 1619)

                Remarks on this Judgment

3. Articles of the Synod of Dort

Chapter 1: On the doctrine of divine Predestination, in eighteen articles, (with Notes and References)

These eighteen articles, as abbreviated by Tilenus, and reported by Heylin, in one article, (with a remark)

Rejection of Errors, by which the Belgic churches have for some time been distributed, (with        Notes and References)

Chapter 2: On the doctrine of the Death of Christ, and through it of the Redemption of Man, in nine articles, (with notes)

Abbreviation (in one article) by Tilenus and Heylin

Rejection of Errors on the Second Chapter, in seven articles (with Notes)

Chapters 3 and 4: On the doctrine of Man’s corruption, and on the method of his conversion to God; in seventeen articles (with Notes)

Abbreviation by Tilenus and Heylin, in two articles

Rejection of Errors on the third and fourth chapters, in nine articles (with Notes)

Chapter 5: Of Doctrine – Concerning the Perseverance of the saints, in fifteen articles, (with Notes)

Abbreviation by Tilenus and Heylin in one article, with their conclusion, and a remark upon it

Rejection of Errors on the fifth chapter, concerning the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, in nine articles (with Notes)

The decision of the Synod, concerning the Remonstrants

4. The Approbation of the most illustrious and very powerful lords the states-general

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