Astonished by God: Ten Truths to Turn the World Upside Down

John Piper

Cruciform Press

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When I was coming to the end of my 33 years as pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it seemed good to look back over the decades and distill the doctrines the astonishing, compassionate, life-giving, joy-awakening, hope-sustaining teachings that held everything together. That is what I did in my final sermons at the church. I think of them as legacy messages. What were the main truths I wanted to leave ringing in my peoples' ears? I ended up with ten of them, ten truths that have turned my world upside down, and turned our church upside down, and will continue to turn the whole world upside down as the gospel advances by the power of God. In this book, I want to walk you through those ten truths, much as I did in those final sermons at Bethlehem. Indeed, this book is a summary of the main things I tried to impart during those 33 years. But it would be a mistake to read this book in a nostalgic mood. These messages are future-oriented. They are for living life today and tomorrow. I explain in chapter one that the aim was not to land the plane after a 33-year flight at Bethlehem, but to launch two new seasons of life theirs and mine. Because these doctrines are, as you will soon read, 'wildly untamable, explosively uncontainable, and electrically future- creating.' Every day is the launch of the rest of your life. You are not bound by your past. Not if you turn to Jesus and believe his teaching. Not if you are astonished by God. Instead, you will know the truth the doctrine and the truth with set you free (John 8:32). John Piper | Minneapolis, Minnesota | March 2018 (This book is a revised, improved version of Doctrine Matters.)
  • Paperback
  • 185 pages
  • 2018
  • 9781941114551