Awesome Science DVD #11: Arches and Natural Bridges

New Leaf Press

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Hosted by 16-year-old NOAH JUSTICE Explore the geologic marvels of the Arches and Natural Bridges, showing so clearly that catastrophic processes just a few thousand years ago have taken place to shape these amazing formations. Secular geologists continue to deny the truth of the global Flood, but geologic features around the world continue to verify that it was real. In this episode you'll learn about: Arches National Park in eastern Utah, which has over 2,000 natural stone arches, as well as amazing stone pinnacles, fins, and more shaped by the Flood Natural Bridges National Monument in southeast Utah, where three natural stone bridges show the power of the receding waters of Noah's day. The Awesome Science series is brought to you by Kyle Justice, the same producer of the 'X-Nilo Show' and 'The Creation Network.' His work has appeared on such networks as National Geographic, ESPN, and The Outdoor Channel. Teen host Noah Justice serves as your guide to truth on the ground at national parks and other geologic locations.