Awesome Science DVD #12: Mesa Verde and Chaco Ruins

New Leaf Press

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Hosted by 16-year-old NOAH JUSTICE Adventure to southwestern Colorado to learn about the ancestral Pueblo people who lived here, and some of the thousands of archaeological sites that include 600 cliff dwellings. Then travel to northwestern New Mexico to uncover the wonders of the culture of the Chaco culture, and see how their art displays an understanding of dinosaurs, much later than secular scientists admit that such animals lived. In this episode you'll learn about: Mesa Verde, Spanish for 'green table,' a national park in Colorado where the life of the Pueblo people is preserved The Chaco ruins in northwestern New Mexico, with its large collection of ancient ruins from pre-Columbian history. The Awesome Science series is brought to you by Kyle Justice, the same producer of the 'X-Nilo Show' and 'The Creation Network.' His work has appeared on such networks as National Geographic, ESPN, and The Outdoor Channel. Teen host Noah Justice serves as your guide to truth on the ground at national parks and other geologic locations.