Backdrop for a Glorious Gospel: The Covenant of Works according to William Strong

Thomas Parr

Reformation Heritage Books

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William Strong (ca. 1611–1654) was an influential leader at the Westminster Assembly and was greatly admired by his contemporaries. However, in modern time, even those most indebted to the Westminster tradition are unfamiliar with this stalwart of the seventeenth century.

In this book, Thomas Parr opens by introducing us to the significance of the life and ministry of Strong and then launches into a survey and summary of Strong’s teaching on the covenant of works. Along the way, this book shows that the condemnation from a covenant of works serves as a dark backdrop to display the glory of the covenant of grace.


Table of Contents:

Prologue: The Life of William Strong

1. The Curse of the First Covenant, Death

2. People in Adam Prefer the First Covenant

3. Sin Is Irritated by the Law

4. The Law’s Rigor and Coercion

5. All Those in Christ Are Transferred from the First Covenant

6. Transference by Union with Christ

7. The Law as a Covenant Abolished to All in Christ

8. To All in Christ, the First Covenant Serves the Second

Conclusion: Experimental Covenant Theology Bibliography

  • Paperback
  • 248 pages
  • 9781601787712
  • May 2020