Beauty And Glory Of The Word Of God

edited by Joel Beeke


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The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple (Ps 19:7). In this age of uncertainty, we need to stand on the rock of God's revelation. You will find encouragement in this book to trust the Bible as God's inerrant, authoritative, clear, and sufficient word, as well as guidelines for how to use the Bible for personal joy and practical living. Contributors include Michael Barrett, Joel Beeke, Gerald Bilkes, Ronald Kalifungwa, David Murray, Jack Schoeman, Geoff Thomas, and William VanDoodewaard.
Table of Contents:
The Bible as the Written Word of God
1. The Wonder of the Word - Michael Barrett
2. The Authority of Scripture - Geoff Thomas
3. Challenges to the Word: A Case Study on Adam - William VanDoodewaard
The Glorious Properties of God's Word
4. The Clarity of Scripture - Jack Schoeman
5. The Sufficiency of Scripture - Geoff Thomas
6. The Inspiration, Infallibility, and Authority of Scripture - Gerald Bilkes
The Beautiful Life of Feeding on God's Word
7. Holding Fast to the Word of Life - Ronald Kalifungwa
8. The Word of God and the Making of the Man of God - Ronald Kalifungwa
9. Finding Joy in God's Word - David Murray
10. Receiving and Doing the Word - Joel Beeke

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • 9781601784803