Beginning and End of Wisdom

Douglas Sean O'Donnell


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The wisdom literature of the Old Testament can be daunting. Sidney Greidanus, in the book's foreword, describes Old Testament wisdom literature as 'one of the more difficult genres to interpret and preach.' Yet the numerous proverbs and sayings meet us in everyday life, teaching us much about understanding and applying the gospel. Pastor Douglas O'Donnell writes, 'Just as every book of the Old Testament adds light to our understanding of Jesus, so the revelation of God in the person of Christ enlightens our understanding of the Old Testament.' Not only do the wisdom books teach us about Jesus Christ, but we understand the books better in light of the revelation of God's Son. O'Donnell opens up the genre of wisdom literature through six chapters that look at how the gospel shines through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. He specifically centers on the first and last chapters of each book, noting how the texts illustrate 'the wisdom of God in the sufferings of our Savior.' Pastors, church leaders, and students of Scripture will find this thoughtful volume demonstrative of seeing the gospel in the Wisdom Literature.