Bible Cover-Classic LuxLeather-With God All Things-Medium-Blue/Purple Matt. 19:26

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The All Things Are Possible Faux Leather Bible Cover is a stylish and contemporary way to carry your Bible to Sunday school or church. The light blue faux leather bookcase is decorated with a heat debossed design of twirly twigs. A slate strip accents the sturdy spine and handle. The silver foiled title is taken from Matthew 19:26, "With God all things are possible," and reminds us that God is the one who saved us when it was not possible for us to save ourselves. This light blue Faux Leather Bible cover has an exterior slip pocket to store study material and notes. Inside you will find two pen loops to secure your pens or highlighters when not in use. The cross engraved zipper-pull ads a final detail to finish off the design. This feminine Bible cover makes a great gift for a daughter or friend who likes to carry their Bible in a case. It will brighten any birthday celebration of Christmas gift exchange party. Light Blue and Slate Faux Leather Heat-debossed Text and Design Exterior Slip Pocket Two Interior Pen Loops Cross Engraved Zipper Pull