Bible Panorama (2nd Edition): Enjoying the whole Bible with a chapter-by-chapter guide

Gerard Chrispin

Day One Publications

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This is a unique introduction to and survey of the Bible, giving an overview of each book of the Bible and taking into consideration the message of each verse, without actually being a verse- by-verse commentary. It provides a series of very memorable outlines for each chapter of the Bible. It also includes a succinct but vigorous defence of the Bible and concludes with a number of reading schemes to guide the reader through the Scriptures. Contents of The Bible Panorama Part One Surveying the Scenery of Scripture (Each chapter of the Bible plainly summarised and explained. This is done by examining a cluster of verses in each section to bring out the meaning of them all. Additionally, a brief overview precedes each book, providing key background information.) Part Two - Enjoying the unhindered view with confidence - Practical topics about the Bible to help you trust and read it. Chapter 1 What is the Bible? Chapter 2 Overviews and study helps Chapter 3 Can I trust the Bible? Chapter 4 Does the Bible contradict itself? Chapter 5 Getting the most out of my Bible Chapter 6 How were the contents of the Bible decided? Chapter 7 The Bible's central message Chapter 8 Why read through the whole of the Bible? Appendix 1 - The Bible Appendix 2 - The Bible's chapters Appendix 3 - Bible reading schemes (BRS) and the Flexible Bible Reading Scheme (FBRS)
  • 9781846252075