Bible Story Mazes and Puzzles for Kids!

Twin Sisters Productions

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Your kids, ages 5 and up, will have fun learning Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments while reading mini- stories and completing mazes. To extend the learning, you're encouraged to look up the scripture reference and read the entire story from God's Word together with your child. The Bible Story Mazes and Puzzles for Kids book also features fun word scrambles, code breakers, and more! A bonus download for 14 free songs includes: "God Made Everything," "Who Built the Ark?," "What a Mighty God We Serve," "Little David Play on Your Harp," "Who Did Swallow Jonah?," "This Is My Commandment" / "Deep and Wide," "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus," "Let the Little Children Come," "Zacchaeus," "Alive, Alive," "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" / "Jesus Loves Even Me," "I Want to Know You, Lord," "Great Is Your Love," and "Amazing Grace." Through engaging Bible activities plus inspiring music, your kids will learn to apply biblical lessons to everyday life.