Bioethical Issues

John Ling

Day One Publications

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Almost every week the media report a new bioethical issue. Most people are confused and unsure about novel technologies such as savior siblings, human cloning, three-parent IVF and regenerative medicine. Many have not even thought through the old bioethical issues of abortion, surrogacy, infanticide and euthanasia. If that is your position, this book, fully revised and updated, is for you. We now live in a culture of death. Much of modern medicine has gone seriously wrong. In its ethics and practices, it has departed from its historic roots and has therefore become a threat to all men, women and children. This book does not seek trite, comfortable answers. Rather, it develops a rugged bioethical framework, based on principles derived from the Bible and supported by analyses of recent trends in medicine and science. But this book is not for cozy, fireside reading. It wants you out of your chair and doing. It calls for a head-heart-hand response of principled compassion to overcome this culture of death.
  • 9781846254277