Bitesize Theology: An ABC of the Christian Faith

Peter Jeffery

Evangelical Press

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In this easy-to-read book, Peter Jeffery shows us just how tantalizingly enjoyable Bible teaching can be. With short but solid chapters on key subjects, he outlines the ABCs of the Christian faith.

Each of the chapters is bite sized. There is just enough to manage at one time, and you will find there is much to nourish the mind as well as to warm the heart and inspire the will. Quotations from other writers are also included, as is as a list of recommended books for additional reading. There is also a guide for reading the New Testament and Psalms through in a year.

Bitesize Theology first appeared in the year 2000; this new edition is thoroughly revised and updated.

‘Peter Jeffery has a unique gift for presenting difficult concepts precisely, with clear and simple language. Bitesize Theology is both sound and simple - a combination that is all too rare in modern evangelical literature. This is an invaluable resource for both lay people and serious students of theology.' - John F. MacArthur Jr


  • Accessible introductions to key areas of theology
  • An opportunity to whet the appetite for more of God's word
  • With recommended reading and NT & Psalms in-a-year program


93 pages