But God: The Gospel in Two Words

Tony Bennett

Day One Publications

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In God s world, nothing happens by chance. Many times in Scripture we see how God intervenes in the affairs of mankind, or, as Thomas Kempis put it, For man proposes, but God disposes. The words but God enshrine a recurring theme throughout the Scriptures of the gracious, merciful and sovereign ways in which God has intervened in the lives of men and women down the ages, and most especially in our salvation. In each of the thirty one thoughtful and encouraging studies in this book, Tony Bennett takes a Scripture text that contains the phrase but God , or, more often in the New Testament, but Jesus , and demonstrates how each text depends for its effect on what goes before these two words often the background of our sin as compared with what comes after them the wonder of God s grace and love.
  • 9781846255694