Challenging Leaders: Preventing Pastoral Malpractice and Investigating Allegations - Release date Mar. 14, 2023

Graham Nicholls

Christian Focus Publications

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A practical guide for church leaders looking to prevent, or navigate accusations of, pastoral malpractice.


Good spiritual leadership is vital to the health of a church. When leaders misuse their position and are controlling, egotistical and proud, they abuse the trust they have been given by the Lord. Abuse of power is not a new phenomenon however, it is an ancient biblical category, and must be addressed.


There are delicate situations to be navigated. Drawing lines between abuse and normal, appropriate pastoral care, including warning, admonition and discipline is crucial, as is discovering when accusations are false.


The author team behind this book bring many years of pastoral experience, as well as wisdom and training in the area of abuse within the church.   


This book is for

–        Those struggling to navigate this hazardous landscape

–        Church leaders working through these issues

–        Churches seeking to create a healthy Christian community


Contents include

  1. Spiritual Abuse and Scripture
  2. Healthy Church Culture
  3. Abusive Church Culture
  4. Trauma and those who Suffer
  5. Developing Healthy Procedures
  6. Media and Abuse
  7. Paperback
  8. 160 pages
  9. Mar. 2023
  10. 9781527110281