Charles Simeon: An Ordinary Pastor of Extraordinary Influence (History Today)

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No one had greater influence for the good of evangelicalism in the nineteen century than Charles Simeon and amazingly his influence remains, not least in his endurance under opposition and his encouragement and training of young men to teach and preach. Many men like John Stott acknowledge their indebtedness to Simeon's example and the pattern he set for expository ministry.

The book aims to be more than a biography. Rather its purpose is to identify and share the teaching Simeon gave concerning preaching and its purpose, and the importance of training young men. It outlines the concern for the Jewish people Christians should have (a subject of contemporary neglect) and the importance of establishing the principle of balance, whether discussing election and human responsibility or any other issue that sadly divides Christians. He explained how often the truth is to be found not in one extreme or the other, or even in the middle, but in both extremes at once.

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About the Author

After serving churches in the UK as a pastor for a total of thirty years— first at Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church, West Norwood, in London and then at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh—Derek Prime has devoted himself since 1987 to an itinerant ministry and to writing. He is author of several other books, including Opening up 1 Corinthians, The Lord’s prayer for today, Travel with M’Cheyne, Under God’s smile, and Gofors and Grumps, published by Day One.


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